Wisdom Hunter: Categorizing Spirituality

Go to WisdomHunter.com for a look at a great Drupal site that Triangulus helped develop. We designed the overall CMS architecture and custom content types for this site. As the project developed, a clean and organized system based on Drupal taxonomies and an understanding of the Drupal way helped keep things flexible and easily accessible. For everything to roll out in a smooth organized way on the site, we developed simple standardized content types for authors and books listing detail fields for each.

Triangulus was the trainer for "content enterers" who would be entering books, authors and reviews via the CMS back end. We participated in several brief phone conferences to help explain the system thoroughly to users, answering any questions they had. We were also involved in writing policies and procedures for this site to help clarify workflows and responsibilities.

Wisdom Hunter is an example of a site that involves a moderate level of customization and design treatment. Triangulus worked with Bear Code designers to integrate the designs with the CMS layout and php code. We were involved with custom php scripting to draw certain details from the database in ways that project participants requested.

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