VPON: The Vermont Peak Oil Network

We enjoyed working with the Vermont Peak Oil Network and helping them consider options for energizing their community through their website. Their website is intuitive and easily navigable and has a wealth of useful information for their networking members. They were interested in bringing in an interactive component to allow their users to synthesize, cooperate and share to build ideas and connections online.

The VPON Regional Groups have a lot of folks with great ideas who have done valuable research and thinking on the topic of Peak Oil. Allowing their groups to share ideas and viewpoints online helps VPON members accomplish their goals and will provide valuable information to others around the globe. Some of the initial consultation on the site and the underlying architecture was done in collaboration with the Post Carbon Institue, of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Some of the local groups of VPON are affiliated with PCI and we wanted to be able to maintain connections between their site the new VPON site.

See a letter of endorsement from the VPON Editor here.

We wish VPON all the best in their endeavors.

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