Vermont Open Source Software and Open Standards Policy and Guidelines

The Department of Information and Innovation recently made a big announcement promoting open source and open formats in all branches of state government. See section 1.2, Purpose, quoted below.

The purpose of this policy is to encourage departments and agencies to consider the use of open source software and proprietary software that incorporates or utilizes open standards when making decisions about procurement of software solutions.

Open source software presents opportunities for agencies and departments to implement solutions without incurring the cost of acquisition and maintenance of licenses that are generally required for proprietary software solutions. Therefore, agencies and departments should consider the use of open source software solutions and open standards as part of the procurement process. This generally means that an investigation of potential open source software solutions should be conducted prior to issuing a bid for proprietary software solutions, and that the use of open standards should be included as part of a bid for proprietary software solutions.

Agencies and departments should also consider the use of open source languages, libraries, open development platforms and open protocols for the development of custom solutions.

This is a great document that bodes well for Vermont's future. See press from Europe on this announcement and on GovTech.

See the original documents listed below in graphical and text pfd formats. Thank you to the Dept. of Information and Innovation for providing the text form of the original document. Congratulations to state CIO, David Tucker for his leadership on this issue.

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