Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project

Check out our latest launch and foray into multilingual sitebuilding at This site developed on a very fast timeline and slim budget. The base site went up in ten hours or so after a few initial discussions. Brendan O'Neill, the project coordinator, was well prepared with press releases, video and content to bring the site up quickly to get his message out clearly and directly.

Brendan's departure came up very quickly due to the tragic death of José Obeth Santiz Cruz, a migrant farm worker on a dairy farm in Fairfield, VT. We organized the site so he could fire off a big press release and announce the URL before he departed to Mexico. Brendan has a very powerful message and we think the site communicates his message well.

We wish Brendan success in spreading the word and making visible the invisible migrant laborers working hard day to day on VT dairy farms throughout the state.

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