Triangulus goes to DrupalCon DC

The Triangulus team (l to r: Joe, Kevin and Geoff) got a last minute invite to DrupalCon DC. We all piled into the car with our laptops and a charger hooked to the cigarette lighter so some of us could do last minute projects on the road (for the ten hour trip). We had a great drive down.

At DC we were very popular largely due to Kevin's video skills. The whole team was interviewing the Drupal big wigs (and general community members as Dries recommended) in DC. Kevin set up the camera and lighting, Geoff helped with the equipment and sound, Joe helped with the interviews. Kevin brought a level of professionalism and quality to the process that folks at DrupalCon really appreciated.

Check out geeks playing foosball at Drupalcon! Great fun was had by all at DrupalCon. It was great for Geof and Kevin to rub shoulders with the Drupal World and for Joe to meet old friends from previous DrupalCons. This DrupalCon was the biggest ever with 1400 geeks in attendence. It was at the Washington DC Convention Center right in the heart of DC.

Check out the great sessions from DC online here.

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