Seven Days Intranet

We advised and trained Seven Days (the largest alternative weekly newspaper in Burlington) on how to implement a Drupal intranet for smooth communications within and between different departments in their dynamic organization. In times of tight budgets, efficient communication systems are a must. Seven Days is a dynamic organization with regular deadlines and quality content that is a model of success in the newspaper world in both their print and online versions.

Triangulus met with Seven Days at times that worked for their busy staff and gave interactive training that allowed Seven Days staff to play and experiment with different implementation details of their system. Some of the questions we dealt with were who should have access to what information, should emails go out to different groups regularly, would rss feeds be used for updates on activity within a department, how widely should sensitive information be shared, etc. We experimented with these questions and more and demonstrated how different setting would effect communications channels. It was a lot of fun seeing people cross posting and getting each others updates and understanding the ramifications of changes we were making on the fly.

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