Robots or Underpaid Indians???

See screenshot of some recent robo-comments ... or were they? The comments appear to be intelligent spam. They don't seem to be written by a robot, but do advertise unassociated products.

I had the math captcha enabled and have switched to the ascii art captcha. Anyone else seeing this as an issue? Who are these guys? I've got details in logs if anyone's interested.

See quote of one spam comment here:
This one seems to me different type of the paragraph of the post ,"At DC we were very popular largely due to Kevin's video skills. The whole team was interviewing the Drupal big wigs (and general community members as Dries recommended) in DC. Kevin set up the camera and lighting, Geoff helped with the equipment and sound, Joe helped with the interviews. Kevin brought a level of professionalism and quality to the process that folks at DrupalCon really appreciated."It seems to me interesting and different post,actually i was surfing net to get data related to my projects of 646-223 , 646-230 , 646-363 and in the meantime came here...And find this post different one!

See a selection of "robo"-comments below.

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