Recent Projects and Hot Drupal Love

We've been pretty busy with a couple of big projects. One spins off websites for a local provider of branded sites for clients throughout the US. Another is involved with Drupal theme integration and infrastructure architecture for a large design firm in a nearby state. (An agreement won't let us divulge too much online on this last one. Drop a line if you'd like more detail.)

Also, just wanted to send out some love to our favorite Drupal Host: Hot Drupal. Check out this email they recently sent out about their green hosting. We love their service and philosophy. Also, they compare quite well to some of the bigger boys who host Drupal for some of the larger projects we're working on. Keep up the great work Steve and Brian.

Holistic Solutions, Inc.
Dear Customers,

It's been a while since we have sent out any e-mails with news and updates. We wanted to send out a quick note on two items.

First it's been almost a year since we moved into our new offices in downtown Asheville. We're happy to say with three months left on our lease we are looking into options for a larger office space elsewhere in downtown Asheville! This is very exciting for us. Things are going well.

Second, for the last six months or so in place of buying carbon offsets we are now purchasing renewable energy offsets for the power we use for our servers. It's mildly more expensive than carbon offsets but we think renewable power is a better option than carbon offsets and presents less problems. The company we use avoids large hydro-electric due to the controversies surrounding it.

That is all.

As always, Thank You!

Holistic Solutions // HotDrupal

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