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CCTV Holiday Party 2013

Check out Joe and his son Arlo, the most recent open source enthusiast, at the CCTV Holiday Party. Go to 6 minutes 50 seconds in to the clip to see Joe and Arlo. Hear us expound on the virtues of Open Source and Community Media!

Best of luck to CCTV in their endeavors in 2014 and congratulations on the Knight Grant on the Civic Cloud platform. Go CCTV!

As the news media consolidates look to Community Media outlets for unique insightful reporting. Locally see CCTV, LCATV, RETN and VCAM.

Koha Install for The Pringle Herbarium

Just put in place a server with a Linux Debian base system with a Koha library system installed for the Pringle Herbarium at UVM. This work is part of the Tryon Library at the herbarium.

On the right, see the Tryon's in this great shot from the 1950s with their cat Boriwog at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

I was happy to work with Dr. Michael Sundue on this project. He will be maintaining and configuring the library system and populating the library with all the great unique publications that the herbarium has to offer.

This is a great example of Open Source in action:

  • Solid Debian Linux base system
  • Robust Koha Integrated Library System
  • Cooperation between Academia and Unix/Linux
  • Sharing Academic resources through the Tryon Library

This solution gives the Library a solid base to build on and expand and it keeps their costs low. It allows them to handle things themselves and they can always call for support if they need it. Libraries are some of the oldest Open Source institutions out there and we're happy to be a small part of this project. Go Pteridophytes!

The data migration to Drupal

The Economist is now using Drupal 6 to serve the vast majority of content pages to its flagship web site, The homepage is Drupal powered, along with all articles, channels, comments, and more. The Economist evaluated several open source CMS and proprietary solutions aimed at media publishers. In the end, The Economist chose Drupal for its vibrant community, and the ecosystem of modules that it produces.

Crypto Wars and Back Doors

"The crypto wars are back in full force, and it's time for everyone who cares about privacy to stand up and defend it: no back doors and no bans on the tools that protect our communications."

Check out the Electronic Freedom Foundation's post on the recent New York Times front page story on the US Government wanting to insert back doors in all the cryptography systems:

Vermont Open Source Software and Open Standards Policy and Guidelines

The Department of Information and Innovation recently made a big announcement promoting open source and open formats in all branches of state government. See section 1.2, Purpose, quoted below.

The purpose of this policy is to encourage departments and agencies to consider the use of open source software and proprietary software that incorporates or utilizes open standards when making decisions about procurement of software solutions.

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