The Frog Hollow Project

Frog Hollow recently relaunched their website with a solid new Drupal base and a clean crisp design. Their old site host was charging too much for regular site updates and maintenance. The new site is more dynamic, cleaner, navigates more smoothly and offers Frog Hollow lots of options for future directions, all at a lower cost with a more robust infrastructure.

Frog Hollow staff have been trained in the operation of the site and can easily update their own site at any time. This empowers them and allows them to keep things up to date and fresh on the site so the public can stay informed of all that's going on. They've received lots of compliments on the new site and are more engaged in their online presence than with the old site.

The Frog Hollow project was very collaborative. Triangulus worked closely with Rob Hunter, Director of Frog Hollow, at every step of the process. We implemented a new cleaner navigational structure, a more dynamic front page, a regular cohesive treatment of artists, and much more. It's a pleasure to work with such a great organization with such great images. They make it easy to make them look good!

We used the excellent Ubercart ecommerce system for Frog Hollow for their online gallery. We think our implementation shows off their artists work well and gives prospective buyers a better view of the details of each piece of artwork. We tested and developed the ecommerce system with regular input from Frog Hollow and trained them on the back end order management and shipping process. Frog Hollow is now ready to get serious with their online sales.

As part of the process we looked closely at SEO and traffic reports and this informed our redesign. We are keeping close eye on website traffic at Frog Hollow and the numbers are looking good.

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