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You can lead a horse to water ...

With Google Analytics, you can see if the horse got to the water. You can't see if they drank ;-) I recently was looking over an Analytics report for a client who runs a farm with a CSA (community supported agriculture program). They're trying to get people to sign up for their CSA for this season. I helped them with a few formatting details as they fine tuned the page describing their CSA offering for this season. They've been busy this winter updating their website with all the cool and unique things they're doing at their farm.

Check out their traffic spike day after the Farmer's Market:

The details will remain confidential, but the relative spike is clear. What does this mean? It means they got a big jump in visitors on the Sunday after the Farmer's Market. They were handing out flyers with their website URL at the market. Analytics also shows they got lots of traffic to the page describing their CSA offering. This is the horse coming to the water.

The website can't sell a CSA share, but it can definitely give potential customers more information and tell them what differentiates you from the other guy. In Face to Face Burlington, it's the Farmer that will sell the share (or not).

The website can help the horse appreciate how cool and refreshing the water is, but it can't make him drink.

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