Emma for City Council

Progressive Party candidate Emma Mulvaney-Stanak won the Ward 2 election in Burlington last year!

We helped Emma get a site up quickly that communicates her message well, lays out her platform and allows others to get involved and contribute. Working with Emma's campaign team in a fast and efficient manner, we sketched out a Drupal site for Emma and trained her team on how to update the site and add new information easily. The site helps Emma communicate clearly and readily and get her message out to voters and supporters.

Emma's site is now mothballed and no longer online. It did it's job well. We wish Emma the best in her future endeavors in politics and elsewhere.

Triangulus is excited about open government and the power of the web and Drupal in our democracy. We're happy to support diversity in democracy and an alternative to the regular two flavors, which don't seem to be addressing a lot of our challenges.

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