Design Study: East Hill Tree Farm

I was sorting through a list of cards while cleaning out my wallet and came across Nicko's card. Nicko runs East Hill Tree Farm in Plainfield. Check out for a great simple site with some super design elements.

The logo and graphics in the block print style fit perfectly with Nicko's focus: "to reestablish the garden of Eden." The site communicates clearly. It has directions to the nursery prominently featured on all pages. The main navigation elements are simple and uncluttered.

A few detail critiques:

  • More images would help show the farm's diversity
  • Main nav items only activate on top half (on iceweasel anyways)
  • The blog isn't (they're probably too busy filling orders!)
  • Gray footer area might work better as white

This site was built with WordPress and overall it does a great job of communicating clearly and getting the feel for the nursery and business.

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