Crypto Wars and Back Doors

"The crypto wars are back in full force, and it's time for everyone who cares about privacy to stand up and defend it: no back doors and no bans on the tools that protect our communications."

Check out the Electronic Freedom Foundation's post on the recent New York Times front page story on the US Government wanting to insert back doors in all the cryptography systems:

The NY Times story made the assumption that all cryptosystems could be broken or have a back door installed or could be unlocked by the carriers of the signal. With good crypto, sniffers and pryers can grab your network traffic and be none the wiser. We use ssh in all our day to day work and assume the line is listened to: listen away. With strong encryption your message traffic can be fully exposed and the prying eyes will be none the wiser.

Check out for more than you ever wanted to know about crypto. The NY Times article could have been better informed. We all should be on this topic ;-)

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