The Burlington College Project is a great example of a successful collaboration between Burlington College, Triangulus and We provided the Drupal base system, integrated the great design work of RC Kirk at Design Push and trained BC staff in the maintenance and upkeep procedures of the website. We also helped with information architecture and creating a navigational structure that flows smoothly and integrates with the design. The new site is cleaner and better organized and much more flexible than the old site.

The old BC site was a custom built CMS that was having issues and it's creator/maintainer was departing. With the new site built on Drupal, BC is assured of years of smooth operation with a cutting edge CMS that should acommodate all their needs for the future.

The migration to the new site was a large project. The first step in the transisiton was a migration of BC content into Drupal. We accomplished this with some custom php code and a custom content type in Drupal with all fields from the old site for each piece of content. If your content is well strucutred and can be output as a comma separated value file, it can be migrated to Drupal. We initially set up the new site as Drupal 7, before realizing we needed features that were only available in Drupal 6.

After migration of content, we set up BC with a simple interim theme, while Design Push worked their magic and came up with the final design. The interim design was good for the short term. It allowed us some breathing room as we considered different options and experimented with prototypes for the design integration. We also nailed down information architecture and roughed in navigation structure with the interim site in place.

The final phase of the project involved fine tuning the Drupal theme css and php template files to match the designs and cross browser testing to make sure we looked good across the board.

Throughout the project we trained BC staff and consulted with them as we considered the right way forward. They are now able to maintain the site themselves, helping keep their ongoing costs low and allowing them to keep their site up to date and engaging for students, staff, instructors and the general public.

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