Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project

Check out our latest launch and foray into multilingual sitebuilding at This site developed on a very fast timeline and slim budget. The base site went up in ten hours or so after a few initial discussions. Brendan O'Neill, the project coordinator, was well prepared with press releases, video and content to bring the site up quickly to get his message out clearly and directly.

White House Goes Drupal!

Hey, did you hear the white house just went Drupal? Maybe there is some hope ;-)

Tech President is decidedly optimistic:

The ideal new platform would be one where dynamic features like question-and-answer forums, live video streaming, and collaborative tools could work more fluidly together with the site's infrastructure. The solution, says the White House, turned out to be Drupal. That's something of a victory for the Drupal (not to mention open-source) community.... --

The Urban Pork Adventure

See work under development on Mike Betit's new site for Tamarack Hollow Farm at

Mike's hugely popular in NYC and sells out regularly: he can hardly keep up with demand. A new website with ordering information and ecommerce capabilities will help him serve his customers and stay organized.

Keep your eyes on development. Note: this site is in progress. We're working with Mike to tell his story clearly and in an organized way that's fun and easy to navigate for folks who love Mike and his great products.

Robots or Underpaid Indians???

See screenshot of some recent robo-comments ... or were they? The comments appear to be intelligent spam. They don't seem to be written by a robot, but do advertise unassociated products.

I had the math captcha enabled and have switched to the ascii art captcha. Anyone else seeing this as an issue? Who are these guys? I've got details in logs if anyone's interested.

See quote of one spam comment here:

Support Net Neutrality

The Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009 (H.R. 3458) is a good solid bill to support net neutrality. See the details at Save the Internet.

Small Vermont needs a level playing field to compete with the big boys, especially small businesses or media outlets. Contact your representatives now. Find Representative Welch's response below to my request to him to support H.R. 3458.

August 5, 2009
Dear Mr. Golden,

Fairewinds Launches

Check out our latest site launch at

This site is a great example of a clean site that communicates clearly and well. We enjoyed working closely with Maggie and Arnie Gundersen to develop their site, clarify their communications and structure their information so it's easy to navigate. We worked hard and experimented with numerous themes and layouts before arriving at the final product.

Latest Drool Pal Supporter

We have a dog friendly office. Hobbes is our latest Drupal supporter. He drools over Drupal! Wonder what cute dog shots will do for the analytics rankings...
We welcome visits by friendly pets and their owners to our Church St. office. Is your dog cuter than Hobbes?

Drupal Meeting at ACMNE

Triangulus worked with Daniell Krawczyk of Telvue and Emily Frazier (longtime Public Access TV advocate and techy) to arrange a Drupal meeting at the Alliance for Community Meida Northeast Conference. This meeting was held at Halverson's Restaurant and Pub on Church St. in Burlington and was generously funded by Telvue.

Drupal Meeting Goes Well!

The Drupal meeting on the 16th at our office wasn't attended by that many folks, but we made up for it in quality geek interaction! Some of the topics of conversation included

  • Taxonomy
  • SVN. git and Project Management
  • Flash video integration
  • Calendar options
  • Social networking tools and modules
  • etc.

The meeting ran about 2 and a half hours. A small contingent then retired to Ken's Pizza for food and beer and fine conversation.

Upcoming Drupal VT Meeting

Anyone interested in meeting Drupaleros (newbies through experienced) in the area is invited to our office on April 16th at 5 pm. We'll talk Drupal, hear what folks are up to and answer questions and hopefully provide guidance.

See the Drupal VT group where you can find more excitement at

See more details on the meeting at our office at

Hope to see you there.

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