Annie Dunn Watson's Endorsement

Annie Dunn Watson's endorsement of Triangulus (formerly Green Mountain Linux) taken verbatim from her letter to us on August 14th, 2006:

When we approached Joe Golden at Green Mountain Linux and told him what we wanted to do with our website, he said, “If I can help you guys, I can help anybody!” Far from being insulted, we were, in fact, relieved. I had only been working on websites for about 7 months, and as would-be editor of the revised and updated Vermont Peak Oil Network site, I had to be brought up to speed fairly quickly. The software I had been using to design the original site was more like word processing; drupal technology was a whole new ball of wax (and a lot of other stuff I don’t usually keep in the kitchen).

Joe’s mission was to help bring the website into the 21st century, adding interactive features such as individually managed pages for the Regional Groups that make up the Network, as well as group-specific and community areas: events calendars, news pages and newsletters, blogs, polls, and moderated discussion forums. Joe has had to trouble shoot on the fly as new barriers to our understanding emerged, which happened on almost a daily basis (there were two group admins, or managers, involved in the upgrade process, as well as myself – Joe had his hands full). Bugs in the drupal modules had to be identified and eliminated, and alternatives to the various text editing options discovered and experimented with. Joe also had the challenge of assisting me in transferring the original site’s legacy onto the new site… and it was a very developed website for being up less than one year! Throughout all, Joe’s patience never waned.

What I appreciated most about Joe’s approach was that he developed a stepped process through which we could prioritize changes to the site as well as add new features as our skill levels increased. He was very intuitive and responsive, and worked collaboratively with us; we never felt we were being bull-dozed; on the contrary, we were professionally treated from beginning to end, and the pace he set respected both our timeline and our learning curves. It has been an increasingly satisfying endeavor, and without Joe’s encouragement and clear guidance, a couple of us might have given up on this task early on. It is enough to say that Joe’s technical ability is very fine; it is terrific to be able to recommend him as a teacher as well.

Annie Dunn Watson
Editor, Vermont Peak Oil Network Website

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